50Km, 12 Hours. Dizzy’s 5 Island 50th birthday challenge

2018 marks my last year in my 40’s. Yep, no idea how it’s happened but somehow my half century is almost upon us, but that means it’s probably about time for a birthday challenge !!

birthday challenge

To mark this momentous occasion I’ve decided to do something good… By doing something incredibly silly. Bearing in mind I can just about do 20km if I have a week to prepare and a week to recover.

But after a few gins of an evening, I’m full of great ideas. And so a plan was hatched, something with a 50 theme.

And no, it’s not 50 miles !!!

The Plan

The great plan is to head for Orkney and do (or do not, there is no try) 50Km over 5 Islands in 12 hours. There’ll be running, ferries, driving, parkrunning and then a LOT more running. We’re starting on South Walls and Hoy before getting the boat across to the mainland. All being well we’re ending up right down at the bottom end of South Ronaldsay.

It’s a long way. A very long way. God, what am I doing ?? Well I suppose now that some good people have started donating there’s no going back now.

So bring it on.

All the blood (hopefully not), sweat (probably) and tears (possibly) will be to raise much needed funds for the Canine Partners. A charity who provide much needed assistance dogs to help make disabled folks’ lives a wee bit easier.

You can check out their work at https://caninepartners.org.uk/¬†and if you’re suitably motivated you can donate to this foolhardy endeavour via our JustGiving page at http://www.justgving.com/ginrunners.

Follow our Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the adventure. The birthday challenge starts at an ungodly hour of the morning on the 17th of November.

Go on, spare a couple of quid to help give a disabled person a new best friend.