Foxy Trail Run at Foxlake. Sun, Sea, Sand and Llamas.

Running can be a very solitary activity, just you against yourself. PBs, PRs and the other measures by which we gauge our success, our progress and our limits. On the other hand, there’s the Foxy Trail Run approach. No timing, no hurry and a different location each time. A wise man described the Foxy ethos as a 10K chat with some running, and we’d go along with that.

And cake. There’s usually cake.

The Lake at FoxlakeThe last Foxy Trail Run of 2018 took place at Foxlake Adventures in East Lothian. The brainchild of Ali, Owain and Mandy the runs have grown over time without losing their distinctive friendly feel. It’s great to see how many new folk popped along this time to check out the Foxy vibe.

The Foxy Trail Run ethos is that everyone, and I mean everyone, is welcome. It’s nice just trotting along at your own pace, be that super-speedy or an easy plod.

No one gets left behind as there are regular stops which let everyone catch up and regroup. There are also shortcuts if it’s a but too far for anyone but in all honesty it’s so relaxed these aren’t usually needed.

We like it. We REALLY like it.

The Foxlake run set off from the cafe (there is ALWAYS a cafe) and headed out into the trees. Not every trail run has “beware of disk golf” signs up but if throwing a frisbee into a basket is your thing then Foxlake has that covered. You can also try out wake boarding, cycling, treetop ropey-stuff and trying to out-stare a Llama*.

Llama Drama at Foxlake

I had no idea there was any sort of wildlife park type place, but it turns out that’s just one of the hidden delights of East Lothian. The head-honcho Llama dude stood and watched us running past looking all impressive and noble.

No doubt wondering what the hell was going on. We stopped to take his photo and found ourselves asking two questions as he started impassively back at us…

Do Llamas dislike having their photos taken?

How strong is this fence?

Enough about the Llamas!!!!

The trail was starting to get a bit sandy underfoot, which wasn’t surprising as we soon reached the rolling dunes of the Forth estuary. The sun was shining, the skies were blue and everyone was having a generally nice time running on the edge of the beach. The faster runners were doing out-and-backs along the path while the rest of us enjoyed the scenery and the chat.

We learned something too. We learned that 24 hour races and vomiting bugs aren’t a great combination.

The run finished back where we started at the cafe (there’s always a cafe, I may have mentioned that). After the running and chat there was now plenty time for coffee and chat before we all headed in our various directions. I’m sure no one was just hanging around to see if any of the wakeboarders were going to face plant out on the lake.

Almost no one.

It’s a pity that this was the last Foxy Trail Run of the year, they’re bloody brilliant. The good news is that there are going to be more next year. We’ll be there, and we think you should be there too. Check out the Foxy Facebook page for info.

And loads of Owain’s selfies 🙂


Relive ‘Foxy Trail Run 🦊 at Foxlake’

*Or are they Alpacas. We’re not sure. Well, we were sure they were Llamas until someone said they might not be.

oh, and while you’re here, please check out our charity challenge….