Edinburgh Christmas Day parkrun : A doodle’s eye view

It’s that time of the year again. The time when the scruffy human puts a hat on me and makes me sit nice for the traditional photo which he uses to embarrass me in front of my doggy friends. Well this year was no different from that point of view. Apparently this year there was something else too.. something called Edinburgh Christmas Day parkrun.

Impressed labradoodle One thing that was definitely different was that he was up and awake early. Makes a change. Usually he’s shouting at me for wanting to go out on Christmas morning when he’d rather stay in bed after drinking a lot of that funny smelling water the night before.

I hope we’re off somewhere exciting.

Oooh, apparently we’re doing something called “parkrun”…

Hang on, what does he mean “we” ??!!??

The two humans took me in their big yellow van down to the beach. I spent the trip trying to get the silly hat off and eat it.

If I eat it they can’t make me wear it again !!

Not stupid, us Labradoodles.

I’ve heard of this “parkrun” thing before. Now usually I stay in the back of the van while they’re doing it. They leave saying things like “let’s do this” and come back smelling all sweaty. This time some of my fans had demanded my attendance so I thought I’d give it a go.

We arrived at Cramond and I went through my morning warm up routine. This involves finding the right tree to pee on, and then the most inaccessible point to have a pooh. I was particularly impressed by today’s effort… half way down a steep hill so he’d probably fall over trying to pick it up.

There was a smell in the air.. the smell of a LOT of humans and some strange doggys too. As I led the way in search of the source this I saw a LOT of people standing about. Most of them looked like they’d got dressed in the dark. And the hats, what’s with the hats ??

I though my human’s leggings were bad.

New friends

Ooh, hello

As well as all the humans there were quite a few doggies there. It was hilarious as we all tried to tie our humans up in knots with our leads as we greeted each other in the traditional way.

Although some of them had REALLY cold noses.

There were all sorts of dogs here. Some said they were “canicross”, which isn’t a breed I’ve heard of and they didn’t look cross at all. They were all very friendly. One wee brown chap did ask what I thought I was doing there. I considered peeing on his head but a growl of “Grendel” from my human stopped me.

No idea what a Grendel is, I assume it’s something nice.

Now usually my running involves going round and round and round and round and round.. you get the idea. I see this thing called a ‘Tail” and one day I’ll catch it.

Yeah, I like gong round and round and round and round.

And round and round.

And round.

But this time the silly human stayed attached, how am I supposed to go round and round and round and round when I’ve got him on his lead ?????

All the humans were standing around waiting for something to happen. I took advantage of the opportunity to have another quick pee on a nearby tree while the big idiot tried to pretend he isn’t with me.

Which is hard when I’ve got him on his lead!!

Edinburgh Christmas Day parkrun

After a short wait something strange happened, all the humans started running in the same direction. All of them. I was just wondering what was happening when my human started running too, so being an intelligent dog I decided to go the opposite way to see what they were all running from.


Yeah, I got shouted at for that.

It seems that the correct thing to do is to run the same way as everyone else. I saw this nice blonde in front of me and decided to follow them. Pity I was being held back quite a lot by Scruffy at the other end of his lead. I had no idea where we were going but I knew I had to stay focused and not get distracted.

God, he's embarrassing

By all of the distractions.

The other dogs, the smells, the sounds, the gold leggings.

I think I’ll stop at this tree for a pee.

And the next one.

And the bin.

In total I stopped 5 times on the first half of the run.

I’m definitely on for a Pee B !!!!!

Although we’d come down with my other human (the nice one) I hadn’t seen her at all. Maybe I’ll go back and see if she’s behind me…

Yep, shouted at again for that !!

Actually, I saw her off in front so ran to catch up with her and her friends. I’m not sure what “Grendel, slow down you’re too old for this” means, but I suspect it was the Human’s way of telling me he couldn’t keep up. He did that a lot, making me walk as *cough* one of us *cough* was too old for this.

We caught my other human but she looked busy with this running thing so I jumped to catch her attention. She looked happy to see me, in a Red and puffing way.

Yep, definitely happy.

I think.

These humans, eh ?

Back to the start

new friendThe run back to where we’d started was fun. I figured I’d probably had enough pees for one morning but thought he’d appreciate a pooh that was in a more accessible location. I’m nor sure what “Grendel, not now !!!” means but a doodle’s got to go when a doodle’s got to go. I was as quick as I could be and it gave him a little present. Pity there was a bin nearby as I wanted him to have to carry it all the way back to the finish.

This was FUN !!! OK, he was slowing me down a lot but I got him there in the end. We joined a queue of humans and I got to catch up with the blonde I’d seen at the start who finished at about the same time I did.

I asked scruffy to get a photo of us, and I’ll have to make sure I get a nice harness like theirs, instead of the old climbing sling I had to use today.

Hey, if he can keep buying new shoes, I can have a new harness and lead !! I want to look the part.

We met up with my other human and her friends and I let them all fuss my ears. Lucky humans. I’d really enjoyed my first parkrun, and I’d managed to drag my human round in under 30 minutes.

Which made my other human less than happy. Maybe she needs me to drag her round next time.

I decided it was time for a really long nap after that effort. Actually any time is time for a really long nap. I would have slept for the rest of the day if it wasn’t for the smells coming-out the kitchen.

Meaty-cooking smells.

I wonder there’ll be any leftover for me ???!!!