Ayr parkrun : Plodding in the mud

Our quest to become Scottish regionnaires takes us to some nice places. We’d been saving Ayr as we both really like the town and wanted to combine the parkrun with a spot of sightseeing and maybe a bag of chips from that place.. you know the one.. famous it is.

We loaded up Mabel bright and early and set off into what could only be described as “uncertain” weather. On the way we drove through a rainstorm of a “what the f**k are we doing this for” magnitude which thankfully had eased off by the time we got to Rozelle Park.

The slightly damp Hi-Vis heroes meant we were in the right place and although the weather was horrible there was a decent attendance. Given the weather we were keen to get going as soon as possible but this is a course where it pays to pay attention to the pre-run briefing as the course is a twisty-turny one.


We’re not quite sure at which point undulations become hills, but Ayr must be close to the borderline. The run starts with a short, flat bit before heading downhill and round a pond. Coming back up the hill is a challenge.. and you have to do it twice on the one and a half loop route!!

Conditions underfoot were a bit soggy so trail shows were the order of the day. We do like twisty routes through trees and Ayr ticked that box. The combination of the hill and the slippy conditions made this one of the most challenging runs we’ve done.

There was even a proper “I’m doing a marathon in September and can’t even do 5K now” strop. This was definitely an exercise in plodding on and thinking of the coffee.

Lappy Loops

After the second half a lap you see the finish line ahead.. and then run past it for a couple of hundred meters. So close, yet so far :). Eventually (!) you double back on yourself and head for the line and glory (ok, maybe not glory). The support we got from the volunteers here was absolutely brilliant too. As you pass the vicinity of the finish line three times the RD and his gang cheer you on before they get into position for the speedy types.

After the run we headed to the cafe for a bacon roll, but most of our fellow runners headed off to dry out and get the mud out of places where mud should never get. I didn’t realise how muddy my legs were until I heard a tutting from some snooty bint in Marks and Spencers.

She had a point, to be fair. I looked like something from the proverbial black lagoon.

A wee blog on Ayr parkrun

There are toilets in the cafe but on this occasion everything was locked up when we arrived. They’d opened by 10 though.